The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, April 15

In this time where many are feeling isolated, alternative Swiss artist Ekat Bork has released a visual to capture that feeling, exploring all sides of the presently homebound existence of countless individuals worldwide.

Lonely Place to Be” is a dark and atmospheric wave of grief and uncertainty; one whose stormy ambiance causes us to pause and think about the effects of our own time away from society. The video — which Bork dedicates to “our fight against the invisible enemy” — showcases the artist sitting pajama clad in a bathroom, occasionally tearing at toilet paper and holding up signs featuring the song’s key phrases. Meanwhile, Bork’s physical expressions represent a person on the edge; one slowly giving in to the darkness of forced isolation, and longing for a normalcy that seems more distant with each passing moment.

The video for “Lonely Place to Be” was created entirely by Ekat Bork, and it’s here for you as today’s Daily Spinn. Stay healthy out there, and reach out to a loved one today!

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