LISTEN: Spirits Republic Returns with Eclectic Single, ‘Decor’

Nashville’s Spirits Republic have come a long way, building upon their DIY roots to create a buzz among Music City’s rock scene. The power trio has worked its way up to prominent opening slots at venues like EXIT/IN and The High Watt, and has garnered attention from local media mainstays, including Nashville Scene and Lightning 100.

With their new single, “Decor,” we have a chance to see what the excitement is about. And, we can tell you, it exists for good reason.

What we have with “Decor” are three artists painting from a broad palette of musical influence, joined together to create a seamless, flowing work on their sonic canvas. The tune’s verses — an homage to the steady grooves and glistening essence of The Police — blend effortlessly into a bluesy, Led Zeppelin-influenced chorus. Through it all, the consistent thread is a gloss coat of psychedelia, most prominently represented in the dreamy reverb on Russell Somer’s vocals.

And then, there’s the funk! Things get super enticing just before the 2:30 mark, with progressive guitars leading us directly to a slap bass solo that would make Les Claypool proud.

Clocking in at 4:40, “Decor” takes us on a delightful, complete musical adventure in less than five minutes. Take a trip below!

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