On ‘Ruby Red,’ Alive Through Memories Embraces the Power of Anger

Alive Through Memories is planning the release of its sophomore album, Everything Must Go, on June 12.

Today, we give you a taste of the album, bathed in a deep shade of red.

“Ruby Red” processes the natural state of anger that we come to in a grieving process — in this case, at the end of a relationship. Frontman Alex McGillivray describes “Ruby Red” as the forthcoming record’s most aggressive track, and “a stream of consciousness of everything I was feeling in the height of one of the darker moments of my life.”

“Anger is a natural part of processing grief and pain. It’s impossible to get a complete picture of someone’s journey towards happiness without acknowledging that anger,” McGillivray said. “Ironically enough, I am incredibly happy with the way this song turned out, and the piece of my story it tells on this record. I think I was able to authentically capture an emotion that can be difficult to willingly put on display for others to see.”

“Ruby Red” drives ahead in fire-powered fashion, employing pounding, intricate drums and blistering guitar work, which enhance the palpable emotion behind every pointed word. Perhaps the most poignant moment of all, however, is the quick shift that leads to a stark acoustic outro, where unrelenting anger transforms into a much more morose form of grief.

Get ready for this one to blow you away. Watch the lyric video for “Ruby Red” below!

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