WATCH: Chelsea Williams Bids Farewell to Toxic Relationships on ‘Wasted’

Photo credit: Piper Ferguson

As Chelsea Williams gets closer to the release of her album Beautiful & Strange, coming on Blue Elan Records on May 8, we’ve received another look at what is to come.

This time, it comes in the form of “Wasted,” a cheery, smile-through-the-pain type of anthem about breaking free of a destructive relationship. The single is an infectious blend of Americana and pop that is full of memorable hooks. Williams uses this pleasant soundscape as a vehicle to deliver a charming, yet blunt final verdict that this version of love has run its course.

The video, directed and edited by Jake Bradbury, features Williams performing the song, doubling as a “fly on the wall” in the middle of scenes depicting her own relationship’s demise. This alternates with shots in a sunny, open field — a setting that celebrates newfound freedom and, at one point, plays host to a fun dance break.

Now, it’s here for you. Say goodbye to your hangups, once and for all, and free yourself with “Wasted” below!

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