The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, April 29

We are taking our long-awaited first deep dive into Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads here at Underground Music Collective, and our investigation reveals something unique: a sound that captures the true grit and heartache of Americana, straight from the garage and into your ears.

For example, take on their new single, “Some Kind of Harmony.” We are led in by the guitar of Ethan Sims, whose axe work blisters like the sweet Southern heat throughout this inspired cut of blues rock. Holding things together at the base are the steady, pulsing grooves provided by Josh Root (bass) and John Powelson (drums), providing a fortified foundation for singer Casey Jo Stohrer. The frontwoman’s raw rock and roll moxie bursts through the speakers on “Some Kind of Harmony,” as she sings about the trials of an imperfect relationship that neither lover can seem to quit.

Sound like fun? Dive in with us, then, and stream “Some Kind of Harmony” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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