LISTEN: Richard String – Sad Boy Beck (In My Garden)

We have to give it to Richard String: he sure knows how to write and produce a moody, synth-pop jam.

This time, it comes in the form of “Sad Boy Beck (In My Garden).” The new single incorporates the future-funk rhythmic backbone we’ve come to know and love from the Richard String camp. This steadfast groove supports the atmospheric depth created by layers of hypnotic, psych-influenced synths. Meanwhile, the smooth tenor of Richard String visionary Gavin Shea gives us an earworm of a melody that adds to the track’s radiant glow.

“Sad Boy Beck (In My Garden)” was a team effort between Shea and collaborators Handmade Studios co-producer Chris Gill, Matt Noth (of Moodsmith), and gutiarist Greg Graves. As detailed in this Instagram post, each artist contributed to shape the sound and lyrical message of the new single. The end result is something cool, vibey, and worthy of your ears — over and over again. Spin it below!

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