‘Long Way Back’ Previews Skylar Gregg’s Most Honest Record Yet

Join Skylar Gregg when she joins us on Facebook Live for the UMC Quarantine Jam, Friday, May 1 at 6 p.m. CDT!

It’s hard not to hearken back to the early days of Aretha Franklin when Skylar Gregg comes on. A true embodiment of American soul and blues, her powerful, gritty vocal prowess is on full display, with a dangerously tight rhythm section to boot. Her new single, “Long Way Back,” manages to revive a deeply nostalgic sound with a modern perspective.

Gregg uses “Long Way Back” to recall a time without boundaries for her brother. “You’ve lost your mind, spun out of control, and it’s a long way back to where you started from,” she warns, helping the listener understand her concerns, without getting into the meat and potatoes of the actual wrongdoing. This ability to say so much in so few words speaks to Gregg’s masterful songwriting.

“Long Way Back” is the first single from Gregg’s upcoming album, Roses. Stream it while you wait for the full release!

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