UMC20: May 5, 2020

Welp… as we predicted last week, when we released the Best of April, the recent influx of music we’ve received bodes well for our next few UMC20 playlists. We are stocked with more goods than any supermarket this side of the Mississip’.

Truth be told, the 20 tracks below only scratch the surface of what we have coming your way, all month long. There’s certainly quantity and, as you’ll find, plenty of quality from the opening note, all the way to the end.

Get your ears ready, because here it comes. May starts off with a bang!

Track listing
Skylar Gregg – Long Way Back
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – I’m Gonna Break Your Heart
Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads – Some Kind of Harmony
Meghan VK – Let It Burn
Stephanie Ryann – For a Reason
Kara Frazier – Dirty Water
Natalie Schlabs – Home is You
Caley Rose – Something New
Chelsea Williams – Wasted
Scott Grim – New Old Flame
Empty Atlas – Maximal
Josh Mack – Cyberpunk
Phillip-Michael Scales – Find A Way
Seth Witcher – Marionette
Taylor Grey – COMPLIC8ED
Becoming Young – High
Richard String – Sad Boy Beck (In My Garden)
zkennedy – Pushin’ Luck
Sean Cunningham – Laissez Faire
Brother Dusty – Darkness

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