LISTEN: Phillip-Michael Scales Finds His Way

Phillip-Michael Scales has always been an extremely active songwriter and performing artist, with a plethora of bands serving as vessels for his many stories. Whether it be folk, indie pop, soul, or blues, Phillip has a distinct way of making his songs feel like they are happening to you, rather than being performed for you.

With his second single of the year, “Find A Way,” Scales has landed on a dark, rich, and soulful R&B tone. “Find A Way” is the story of accepting darkness. An uplifting yet intense inner dialogue has Scales telling his demons, “Try and twist me, but I still won’t break. I don’t mind, I’ll find a way.” As the song progresses, the lyric “I’ll find a way” becomes a taunt to the demons within, helping Scales tell a powerful tale of being at the lowest point in one’s life, and finally confronting the catalyst.

“Find A Way” is the latest of four singles from the Nashville Dive Bar Soul artist. The single was produced and co-written by Tony Esterly. Stream it below, and be sure to keep an eye out for more!

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