UMC20: May 12, 2020

Welp, we appear to be ripping right through May. It’s already the middle of the month, and of course, it’s time for another installment of UMC20.

There’s new music, either recently reviewed or soon-to-be-reviewed, on this edition. Also, we have our May Virtual Underground Writers Round participants all represented, as well as some other good friends with whom we’ve had the chance to connect recently.

Wherever it came from, these 20 tracks of fire are all in one place, and that’s right here for your enjoyment. Get some!

Track listing
Ellen Starski – Come to Me Lover
Billy Bauer Band – You Never Know
Ben Tyler – Daughter of Mine
Van Isaacson – Space Between
Leah Jean – Don’t Poison the Food
Nick Black – I.R.L.
Grace Lee – Baby Blue
Noah Jack – Neighborhood
Zoe Clark – Terminal 4
Deza – Uppercut
Anna Claire Loftis – Happy on TV
The Break Plans – Let Go
The Simmers – I Wanna Know
Goodnite Robicheaux – Run the World
Brianna Musco – Forever
Katie McGhie – Home
J.Antonette – Drunk on Me
A.C. Jones – Hey, Mama
Hannah Judson – Silkworm
Alive Through Memories – My Best Friend

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