WATCH: Berklee Class of 2020’s Virtual Send-Off

Despite being forced to graduate virtually due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Berklee College of Music Class of 2020 found a way to come together for a musical send-off.

More than 40 graduates came together to create a virtual orchestra, performing a medley of contemporary popular selections. The video was curated by Peri El and video editor Shirleen Chen, with major contributions from Michelle Lugo (instrumental arranger), Ian Daniel (vocal arranger), and Megan Chase (mix engineer).

Participants in the milestone-marking video were: Peri El, Shirleen Chen, Mitchie Rivera, Idalis Araya, Gabby Record, Thalia Kabbani, Peyton Propst, Julia Ruff, Hannah Juliette Rutti, Adam Corneal, Ryne Paez, Simone Brown, Claudia McCarthy, Jillian Rossi, Jessica Westreich, Lauren Di Preta, Lindsay Levy, Eva Bréchat, Sarah Nissenbaum, Nick Aquilino, Ian Daniel, Valeria Peñaranda Valda, Maya Lopez, Edward Sweeney, Francesca Rijks, Cecilia Vacanti , Peter Park, Casey Murray, Claudia Medina Quispe, Zach Gilbert, Sam Rowley, Lachie Day, Sam Smith, Solo Smith, Josh Smith, John Cordero, Mason Davis, Nico Kandel, Tommy George Kavounidis, Michelle Lugo, and Sitti Arlinda. Watch it below!

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