LISTEN: Goodnite Robicheaux is Back to ‘Run the World’

On May 8, Goodnite Robicheaux dropped another bread crumb on the trail leading to their forthcoming album, The Green Line.

The eclectic Nashville duo dropped the new single, “Run the World,” a dark-hued blend of funk and soul with escapist themes. Singer Jamison Mode delivers a catchy, new jack swing-inspired hook with a poignant narrative; one that reflects a desperate search for relief from life’s realities, and how that search may lead to dire circumstances.

“There have been times where death was on the table, where whether you live or die depends on your next immediate action. What you do will seal your fate,” Mode explains. “That’s a lot of pressure for a ‘moment,’ and when it’s over. you aren’t the same. This isn’t the same as dealing with depression. This is somebody coming for your life.”

This tension is reflected in the single’s soundscape, which builds in its depth and complexity before all layers strip away, impactfully revealing a crisp, five-part vocal harmony that symbolizes a sobering new reality.

This one is pretty heavy, y’all. Check out “Run the World” below!

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