The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, May 15

Photo credit: SLUTSKY

Van Isaacson is set to perform on our Virtual Underground Writers Round this tonight at 5 p.m. CDT on Facebook Live.

Let’s give you a taste of what Van is capable of, courtesy of his latest single, “Space Between.”

The single begins softly, with a gentle finger-picked guitar progression and reflective opening verse. From there, the sonic landscape builds, gaining momentum like a train leaving the station as warm keys and intricate rhythms become more prominent in the mix, thanks to the masterful contributions of producer Noam Wallenberg and drummer Ben D.

Lyrically, Isaacson appears to be caught in conflict between love and his aspirations. “Space Between” acknowledges the sacrifice that comes with leaving home behind in pursuit of a dream, and the disconnect that occurs when there is distance between two hearts.

The good news? There is no distance between you and “Space Between.” Check it out as today’s Daily Spinn!

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