UMC20: May 19, 2020

All of you musicians out there are helping us hold up our end of the Keep the Music Playing bargain.

We say that because, as has been the case all quarantine long, you have kept the music coming. We had plenty to choose from once again when compiling this week’s edition of UMC20, and forecasts project that this will be the case well into the summer.

We encourage you to keep on it, as we present the latest to you below!

Track listing
Skylar Lee – Marionette
Citizen Sky ft. Mercy Rauscher – Too Close
PuffHost – Low Power Mode
Mark Fredson – Bitchin Summer
The Tisburys – Fading Light
Spirits Republic – City Lights
The Silent Boys – Tilt-A-Whirl
Ellen Starski – The Satellite That Changed Its Tune
Jarrod Dickenson – Take It from Me
Buffalo Rose – Borderline
Carolina Story – See You When I See You
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – I’m Gonna Break Your Heart
Sabrina Lentini – Porch Light
Zoe Clark – Romantic
Taylor Grey – Poison
Jerrica Alyssa – Let It Take You Over
BINNY – Retrograde
Tafari Anthony – Live in a Dream
Trippy Ja ft. Page 1 – Down With It
Notelle – Alive

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