REVIEW: Zoe Clark – Lovers Mark

When we sat down with Zoe Clark earlier this year, we had the chance to learn about her then-forthcoming EP, Lovers Mark. Produced by Drew Schueler, the six-track effort was teased over the winter with the fresh pop singles “Cave” and “More,” which illustrate the highs and lows of young love in the 21st Century.

Those two tracks are just the beginning of the rollercoaster ride on Lovers Mark, which was released to the world last month. Schueler’s dynamic production brings Clark’s ideas and considerable vocal talents to life on the EP, making a memorable impression within Nashville’s thriving pop landscape.

Indeed, we get the full scope of what it’s like to date in 2020. “Blame” discusses the indelible — and sometimes, regrettable — impact love leaves on us when it’s over (a notion which gives the EP its title, as you’ll hear in the first verse). From there, “Romantic” brilliantly presents the feelings of anticipation that lead us to give into love’s temptation, with tense verses that give way to a sweeping, glorious refrain.

The cloudy feeling of uncertainty returns on “Spinning,” whose thunderous, swirling soundscape underscores the inner turmoil of a “here today, gone tomorrow” type of love. And, speaking of inner turmoil, closing track “Terminal 4” describes close encounter with an old flame at London’s Heathrow Airport, and the anguish of being so close, yet so far from rekindling the spark.

Ride the romantic rollercoaster with us. Check out Lovers Mark below!

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