REVIEW: Ellen Starski’s ‘Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair’ a Full-Bodied Masterpiece

To review Ellen Starski’s latest release, Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair, as a typical album would be to understate its depth and complexity. This dreamy, ethereal 11-track collection is a full-bodied musical experience; one which is transcendental of genre boundaries, and which reaches into the spiritual realm, to illustrate love and interpersonal connection at the energy level.

The titular character, “Sara,” functions as an abstract concept. Starski notes that Sara is a person that she has met at various points, in different locations throughout her life. However, in each instance, the “woman was—and wasn’t—the Sara” she had met before. Indeed, it seems that Sara represents a type of energy. She is a soul on a quest for love and discovery. She remains in continued pursuit of “enough,” while learning that what gives us comfort in one station of life may, indeed, prevent us from feeling fulfilled in the next.

“To me, Sara is and has always been a life force that lives in me. She’s an embrace. She lives in the peace of truth, the hope that arises from understanding, and the beauty of patience. She burns like a flame. She does not tolerate extortion, racism, or degradation of any kind. I look to her as love. When I revisit our encounters, I walk away fulfilled.”

-Ellen Starski on the concept of ‘Sara.’

The energy of Sara knows constant exploration; of the world, other people, and herself. Sara knows both love and loss, and knows that the two often intertwine with alarming frequency. Sara finds light and beauty in our darkest moments, and calmness in the choppy waters of uncertainty. It is this composite experience that makes us as complete as we can be, and which leads us to the people and places we are meant to encounter – including, and perhaps especially, new and different versions of ourselves.

We invite you to meet Sara. By getting to know her, you may come to a better understanding of yourself.

Track listing
Come to Me Lover
Have We Forgotten
The Satellite That Changed Its Tune
Never Met a Ghost
Pure Intention
Follow My Lead
All My Fears
No Ending
Find Your Way
Sara’s Half Finished Love Affair

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