On ‘See You When I See You,’ Carolina Story Dress Melancholy in an Uplifting Outfit

Carolina Story, the talented Nashvillian husband-wife duo, are back with their first single of the year.

“See You When I See You” highlights everything that we, the people want and deserve in an Americana record. Rich, warm guitars and a blaring harmonica prelude an addictive tone that Emily Roberts achieves so easily, while her life partner, Ben Roberts, blends harmonies into the mix to perfection.

The single outlines a relationship that is on the brink of collapse, and is a reflection of a couple’s repeated history. The lyrics perfectly describe the uncertain feeling of whether to pour more into a relationship, or to let it burn out. On “See You When I See You,” it’s evident that what was once the gift of a thriving connection has been reduced to a burden; one that seems to be carried in an unbalanced fashion, no less.

As somber as the above may seem, Carolina Story dresses this melancholy tale in a powerful and uplifting outfit, and is an incredible start to what I personally hope is a busy year for this duo. Enjoy the video for “See You When I See You” below!

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