Tafari Anthony Finds His Way With ‘Live in a Dream’

To me, Tafari Anthony embodies so much of what I respect in an artist. He has always stuck to a consistent path of creation and self-reflection, striding boldly and bravely upon it.

After a string of releases in 2016 and 2017, Tafari made the undoubtedly difficult choice to slow things down. He used the following couple of years to reflect upon exactly what he wanted from his music career. Why is he doing the things that he’s doing? Who is he trying to impress, exactly?

Realizing that his own journey is enough, and that he doesn’t have to fulfill anyone else’s dream, helps his newest single, “Live in a Dream,” take off.

Drawing you in with a punchy bass beat and softly-delivered, intriguing lyrics, Tafari soon showcases his undeniable vocal prowess in a stunning, harmony-driven display. “Live in a Dream” is tied together with a modern reggae flair, complete with flutes and a string section.

I’m glad that Tafari took the time to find what he was searching for, but am equally thankful that he’s back with an incredibly powerful sound to boot. Please enjoy “Live in a Dream” below and, if you want more, check out his first single of this year, “Centerfold.”

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