UMC20: Best of May 2020

Decisions, decisions…

Once again, we were hit with many tough choices while attempting to narrow our Best of May compilation to just 20 songs. There are just far too many fantastic submissions to get it down to 20, and not leave something awesome off of the list.

Alas, this is the cruel game we play every month. There’s still plenty more music coming in. So, we don’t expect this process to ever be easy again — but that’s a great “problem” to have, as far as we’re concerned!

Here are the jams that represent the month that was. Come and get ’em!

Track listing
Mark Fredson – Bitchin Summer
The Tisburys – Fading Light
Spirits Republic – City Lights
Ellen Starski – The Satellite That Changed Its Tune
Jarrod Dickenson – Take It from Me
Skylar Gregg – Long Way Back
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – I’m Gonna Break Your Heart
Casey Jo & The Friday Night Dads – Some Kind of Harmony
Meghan VK – Let It Burn
Katie McGhie – Home
Ben Tyler – Daughter of Mine
Van Isaacson – Space Between
Phillip-Michael Scales – Find A Way
Nick Black – I.R.L.
Grace Lee – Baby Blue
PuffHost – Low Power Mode
Anna Claire Loftis – Happy on TV
Skylar Lee – Marionette
Richard String – Sad Boy Beck (In My Garden)
Sean Cunningham – Laissez Faire

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