The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, June 1

We start your week with a mellow Daily Spinn — one that examines the lonely, contemplative side of these strange times.

New York-based indie-pop songstress Anna Volpe released “Anybody Out There?” this past Friday. An atmospheric, downtempo ballad, the single was written alongside songwriter and producer Angelique Calvillo prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since, the narrative of “Anybody Out There?” has acquired new meaning, as millions have found themselves in temporary isolation from many of the people and places they love.

“A lot of music that is coming out of this pandemic is on the happier, uplifting side, which I love. But, I also think it can be therapeutic to sit with the not-so-good feelings and emotions, as well,” Volpe said. “I’ve always gravitated toward what Sophie Turner calls “feel-bad” songs, and it’s definitely gotten stronger during the last few months.”

Sit with this one to start your week. Check out “Anybody Out There?” as today’s Daily Spinn!

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