Matthew Pinder Gets Candid with ‘Too Young To Understand’

Matthew Pinder has always written in a particularly vulnerable fashion. His way of shaping words and melodies perfectly embodies the emotion he’s feeling. His newest single, “Too Young To Understand,” is no exception.

As with growing up and navigating the multitude of paths in life, this song — co-written with Chris Jacobie (Penny and Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson) — has many ups and downs. Pinder starts by giving us a glimpse into some of the darker days he’s had to endure. Matthew’s mother was clearly a tremendous light in this world and, with her recent passing, he is forced to grapple with how to move onward. This song, at its core, is a brilliant tribute. In addition, it’s a timeless indie rock anthem.

The sonic landscape of this tune is thick, rich, and easy to get lost within. And, after listening, I feel like I know Matthew a little better — a trait of a seasoned artist. Get to know him by checking out “Too Young To Understand” below!

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