UMC20: June 3, 2020

Our goal with this week’s UMC20 playlist — and really, any UMC20 playlist — is to present music from artists of all genres and perspectives. The common thread is that we, as human beings, are all unified in our creative passions, storytelling abilities, and collective drive to have a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.

In these turbulent times, we feel it is important to continue providing that platform. Beyond that, we are committed to finding ways to help create a stronger society; one that respects and celebrates the differences of its members. We welcome your input on how we can use our platform to achieve that goal, now and in the future.

We love you, and we look forward to those conversations. For now, we offer you this week’s playlist.

Track listing
Creative Mind Frame – 2 Drinks
Gr3ys0n ft. None Like Joshua – Fighting for the Realms
Lord Goldie – Like I’m Broke
Abigail Jerri – Lighter
Oliver Dodge – Different States
L.E.Y. – Fool
Emily Rowed – Shipwreck
Anna Volpe – Anybody Out There?
Moontower – Got My Way
Mark Fredson – Thoughts and Prayers
Kendal Conrad – Bodyguard
Elle Mears – Tequila Me
Joseph Gallant – Break All the Rules
Market Junction – Nebraska
Emily Hackett – Handle
Swamp Guard – June
Mighty Brother – Summer Road
Matthew Pinder – Too Young to Understand
Toy Dinosaur – Plain Sight Eyes

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