UMC20: June 9, 2020

We hope you’re doing well. We also hope that, through the unsettling situations around us in the world, that you are able to find some time to decompress.

We want to help you with that, which is why we’re here to offer you a fresh batch of music with this week’s UMC20 playlist. Once again, we’ve tried to represent as many genres as humanly possible over the course of 20 songs, and we hope you enjoy what we have for you this week.

We also invite you to turn us on to new music that isn’t yet on our radar. You can do that right over here, while you listen through what we have below!

Track listing
A.T. Branch – Thug
Phillip Michael Scales ft. Emily Chambers – Gold
Nick Black – Grenadine (Live – Jam in the Van)
Intellect – Aum.
STNFXCE – Far As I’ve Come
Nicolas McCoppin – Remember That Night
Leo Lauren – Lovesick
Mark Fredson – Come Find Me (If There’s Anything I Can Do)
Sean Cunningham – The Whole Charade
Treva Blomquist – The Light
Stephanie Ryann – Nights Like These
A.C. Jones – Stand in the Circle
Tessy Lou Williams – Why Do I Still Want You
Laura Mustard – Ramble On
Crow Buntry – Whiskey Dick Picnic
The Jayplayers – Heavier
SloFunkPump – Be a DeeJay
REVEL 9 – Blue
Slumlord Radio – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Houston & the Dirty Rats – The Lying Game

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