The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, June 11

Over the years, Hershey, PA natives The Jayplayers have gained recognition for their live performances throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The roots rockers — fronted by songwriters Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul — have been heard at notable festivals across the region, and earned the 2018 PHLlive Center Stage Country/Folk Music Award from the Philadelphia City Council.

At the beginning of the month, The Jayplayers released the bluesy new single, “Heavier.” The tune’s deceptively upbeat sonic landscape contrasts with its subject matter, which touches on how the world’s burdens place a weight on our shoulders that becomes more overwhelming over time. For its poignance, however, “Heavier” treats us to some nifty musicianship. Weidensaul’s guitar playing leads the charge, fusing technical mastery with a tone of world-weary grit.

Ready to feel something “Heavier?” Feel it below as today’s Daily Spinn!

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