The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, June 12

You’ll be hearing the name Laura Mustard a lot around here over the next few months, as she moves toward releasing her forthcoming EP, Treehouse, on September 18.

In fact, the first single is here. “Nobody’s Road” is a steadfast pop-folk tune with Americana and country flavors, and which allows the Nashville-based performer a chance to join her listener in the shared struggles that accompany the human experience.

A homemade music video is set to accompany the Ben Bishop-produced single on June 18, which gives a personal look into Mustard’s life by showing everything from photos and books, to her own medical supplies.

“This video features medical supplies that I use regularly, and it’s my first time showing and telling about this part of my life publicly,” Mustard said. “It’s important that I share the ways in which my body works differently, and my own complicated journey towards self-acceptance. It’s also my hope that by being more open about my own struggles with my body and body positivity, I might be able to help others who are living with similar challenges.”

Nobody’s road is ever easy, but we can decide to join on it together. Get some more of that sentiment with today’s Daily Spinn!

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