UMC20: June 16, 2020

Summer officially begins on Saturday, which means this week’s UMC20 playlist is here to kick it off!

As we strive to do every week here at Underground Music Collective, we are here to offer you 20 varied independent artists for your Solstice enjoyment. May you soak up these long days with joy, happiness, and music, all summer long!

Track listing
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – None of Your Business
Laura Mustard – Nobody’s Road
Skylar Gregg – Landfill
Bronte Fall – Freeway High
Buffalo Rose – The Journey (Live)
Songs from the Road Band – Wrong Train Right Time
REVEL 9 – Steven Seagal
The Morning Herald – Stuck in a Box
Sanya N’Kanta – Can’t Stop Thinking Bout You
Alive Through Memories – Drown
Sean Cunningham – Whatever Helps You Sleep
Izora – Grey
Leah Jean – Right There
Chey Rose – Priority
Sherry-Lynn Lee – Wasted Space in My Heart
Goodnite Robicheaux – Candy
Jeb Bush Orchestra – Space & Time
Jeff Hortillosa – Millionaire
Nick Ryan – Forgiven Not Forgotten
Society of the Silver Cross – Dissolve and Merge

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