LISTEN: Charles Ellsworth’s ‘Paranoia (A Nü Start)’ Will Take Your Troubles Away

Life has been rather heavy to this point in 2020. For many of us, music provides a welcome respite from the weight of the world.

Charles Ellsworth‘s new single, “Paranoia (A Nü Start),” gives us a chance — and, even the encouragement needed — to run away entirely. The escapist indie-folk anthem is upbeat and cheery, in a way that suggests that our protagonist doesn’t know what else to do but shrug off life’s pain and find a distraction, in short order. The tune’s slight, tasteful twang feeds this sense of adventure even further, while spirited vocal harmonies from vocalist Natasha Thweatt add another layer of shine.

When you’ve finally had enough, and you start west on the highway in search of more daylight, you now have a song to start the journey. Check out “Paranoia (A Nü Start)” below!

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