LISTEN: Cubgod Rises Up to ‘Save the World’

We can only witness so much inaction, before we resolve to do what it takes to bring about real, lasting change.

Save the World,” the new single from alt-hip hop artist Cubgod, explores that notion. The LA-based vocalist and producer released the track at the perfect time, with society at a crossroads due to long-standing sources of unrest.

The song is “about being tired — tired of nothing changing, tired of not getting any answers, tired of waiting — and getting so fed up that you get up off the couch and make those changes yourself.”

“Pretending that all we need to do is come together and everything will suddenly be sunshine and delicious cornbread is living in denial,” Cubgod said. “Naw bro, this song is me letting everyone know, especially myself, that I’m here and I’m going to do something… and I’ma save the world. Like, I’ma really try, because I’m tired of waiting, and this is the one time my giant ego is helpful, because it really got me thinking I can make a difference.”

The sonic landscape of “Save the World” carries a persistent volcanic tension, which is aided at varying points by imposing electropop elements. Fueling the track’s eruptive moments is Cubgod’s beautifully erratic delivery, which gives us a raw, honest look at the whirlwind thought process of a man determined to leave his mark, no matter the cost.

Check out “Save the World” below. Perhaps, it will even call you to strive for change…

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