LISTEN: Broken Bones Matilda Sings of Young Love and Insecurity on ‘Everafter’

Broken Bones Matilda

Somber reminiscence: a fitting mood for the current day.

We’ve all spent time reflecting during these past few months, and Broken Bones Matilda‘s the new single, “Everafter,” follows suit — only, this one goes a little farther back. We can all relate to that timid teenage longing, and the nagging voice deep inside that says “make your move, or you’re gonna lose your chance!” The warm guitar arrangements and beautifully hazy vocals will carry you off into the memory of those well-known high school woes.

The familiar vintage sounds in “Everafter” are met with appropriately classic treatment. The song was recorded to tape at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios and produced by Scott Barnett.

“Working to tape, you can get results sonically that you wouldn’t get digitally,” the duo shared. “It also brings an element of pressure to the recording, as you need to commit to things, and you have the added pressure of limited takes.”

Check out “Everafter” below, and catch Broken Bones Matilda performing “Everafter” live on their virtual UK brewery tour. The British duo is raising money for #saveourvenues, with shows happening tonight and this Saturday, July 4 at 7:30 p.m. GMT (2:30 p.m. CT) on Instagram Live @brokenbonesmatildaband.

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