UMC20: Best of June 2020

As predicted — and, as usual — this wasn’t easy.

Our cruel end-of-the-month game of somehow, someway narrowing an entire month’s worth of music down to 20 prime cuts has come back around. This time, it proved even more challenging, as June’s five Tuesdays meant we had four unique playlists from which to pull.

Nonetheless, through grueling decisions, we’ve done it. We have a beautiful sampling of what the past month had to offer here at UMC, and we’re already looking ahead to next month, as the steady flow of new music of all genres has continued into the summer.

We’ll hit you with some of that next week. For now, enjoy a taste of the past month below!

Track listing
Creative Mind Frame – 2 Drinks
Sanya N’Kanta – Can’t Stop Thinking Bout You
The Aquaducks – Gotta Keep on Movin’
The Morning Herald – Stuck in a Box
Alive Through Memories – Drown
Pozzi – Tyrant
Natalie Schlabs – Go Outside
Sean Cunningham – The Whole Charade
Treva Blomquist – The Light
Emily Rowed – Shipwreck
Bellsavvy – Queen of My Mind
Elle Mears – Tequila Me
Austin Alexander – Hometown Hero
A.C. Jones – Stand in the Circle
Market Junction – Nebraska
Charles Ellsworth – Paranoia (A Nu Start)
Nicole Boggs & The Reel – None of Your Business
Laura Mustard – Nobody’s Road
Skylar Gregg – Landfill

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