The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, July 3

Welp… it’s a holiday weekend. Why not take a day at the beach?

To help you on your mission, we have an appropriate new single and video for you from Drew Kelly. The Atlanta-based musician released “Seaside” last week, which is soothing in its lo-fi, psychedelic simplicity.

“This track was inspired by nostalgic underwater video games I used to play as a child,” Kelly said of the new single. “It started with just two guitars, and built on from there. It is meant to depict a sultry day at the beach.”

The video for “Seaside” features Kelly right next to the ocean, clad in a button-down shirt and long pants in his own carefree bubble. The visuals are meant to provide fans with a look at the man behind the music.

“Although I take my music very seriously, most people consider me to be one goofy dude,” Kelly said. “So, I figured it would give everyone a little better outlook on my personality.”

Start your holiday getaway with “Seaside,” presented in Daily Spinn form!

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