Preview Trade Secrets’ New EP with ‘Burning Daylight’

This Friday, you’ll have a chance to embark on Part One of a new listening experience from Trade Secrets.

The LA-based future synth collective, spearheaded by producers F.J. DeSanto and John Glenn Kunkel, will release their new EP, These Other Lives Part One on July 10. Before it hits, let’s have a listen to the lead single, “Burning Daylight.”

The single, intended to take the listener on a “cinematic journey of distance and desire in the digital age,” expands on the EDM foundation of DeSanto’s music, incorporating a lush, layered soundscape and new wave romanticism to capture the beauty and depth of closely-held memories.

“It’s about longing,” DeSanto said of “Burning Daylight.” For a connection to a person, to a place, or to a moment, no matter where, when, or even how.”

Get your ears on “Burning Daylight” below, and be sure to check out These Other Lives Part One when it drops this Friday!

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