LISTEN: David Cook Triumphantly Battles Anxiety with ‘Reds Turn blue’

Through all of his career accolades — winning Season 7 of American Idol, international touring success, and even a role as Charlie Price in the Broadway musical, Kinky Boots — one thing David Cook has always struggled to overcome is anxiety.

On his latest single, “Reds Turn Blue,” Cook approaches this battle in triumphant and hopeful fashion.

Cook’s first release since 2018’s Chromance, “Reds Turn Blue” chugs along with purpose. Clean, staccato guitars, a thumping bass line, and pounding drums create a frantic energy from the start, capturing the swirl of emotions that accompany an anxious episode. A sense of resilience then breaks through in the chorus, courtesy of Cook’s soaring, determined delivery, which shines as brightly as ever.

“This song became a therapeutic process for me, as a way to personify my anxiety and make it something other than me,” Cook told People Magazine. Which, in an odd way, has helped me navigate my relationship with it.”

Perhaps “Reds Turn Blue” will help you navigate your own personal battles, as well. Check it out below!

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