LISTEN: Citizen Sky and Bobby Siegfried Team Up on ‘One of These Days’

What happens when two Pennsylvanians with bucketloads of soul get together and write a song?

Ask Citizen Sky songsmith Garrett Powell. He teamed up with piano rocker Bobby Siegfried (whom you’ve heard here before) to release the beautifully structured new single “One of These Days.”

Produced and engineered by Scott Tice, “One of These Days” has a timeless soft rock sensibility, with nods to funk, soul, and jazz peppered throughout. Vocal duties are shared between the distinct talents of Powell and Siegfried, the latter of whom delivers an ultra-memorable bridge sure to be a sing-along hit… whenever large gatherings are allowed again, of course.

Helping fill out the robust soundscape of “One of These Days” are Landon Herock (electric guitar), Matt Hentz (drums), and Warren Snead (bass). Together, the musicians in the room performed on the track in one continuous take, capturing an organic vibe that translates well on tape.

We dare you: try to get this one out of your head. Check out “One of These Days” below!

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