LISTEN: Richard String Pokes Fun at Dating on ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part II’

You’ve been waiting since 1983 for a sequel to Cyndi Lauper’s breakout smash, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” haven’t you?

If you’re like Richard String, the answer is a definitive “no.” However, he’s back to give you “the sequel that no one really needs” anyway.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part II” is another cool, beachy sampling of the synth pop we’ve come to know and love from the Nashville-based producer, musician, and esteemed Quinn Spinn guest. The single pokes fun at the modern dating scene — specifically, the prevalence of “swipe” apps that trade connection for convenience.

“It’s upbeat, sarcastic, and highly irrelevant on the one hand,” said Richard String songsmith Gavin Shea. “But, it’s also poignant, thoughtful, and slaps on the other.”

You’ll love every bit of this one! Uncover “Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Part II” below!

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