LISTEN: An Emotional Affair – ‘Little Lie’ by Jordan Lehning

A tale of forbidden romance straight from the mind of Nashville’s Jordan Lehning, “Little Lie” begins as a quiet affair. Throughout the story, a man and woman are forced to reckon with the emotional toll of their secret relationship.

The woman, slowly falling deeper and deeper in love, is faced with the reality that she may only ever be a “little lie” to the man. The man, though unable to reciprocate the woman’s desires, is still clinging to what remains between them. It’s a dark, yet beautiful tale, marking the end of an era.

On “Little Lie,” Jordan showcases not only his knack for storytelling, but also for production. Featuring mellow horns, playful mallets, haunting saws, mellotron-inspired strings, and a raw acoustic flair, Jordan creates the perfect environment to enjoy “Little Lie,” one of the singles off his upcoming album Little Idols (out August 7).

Sit back and let “Little Lie” take you for a ride below!

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