UMC20: July 15, 2020 (‘Better Late Than Never’ Edition)

Apologies for the delay! Disconnecting last week, and then returning to run the cameras for this thing meant that UMC20 ran a touch late this week.

Let me make it up to you with some fresh, hot fire! Surely, our inbox has no shortage of new tunes ready to be heard. We’re probably almost set with music for the rest of the month, honestly. Indeed, a lovely consequence of taking a vacation is having an absurd amount of submissions waiting in the wings upon returning!

Anyway, we’ve kept you waiting long enough. Get your weekly dose of UMC20 below!

Track listing
Pamphlet – Dank Ass Memes
Midtones – Coffee Maker
The Tisburys – Rattle
Mighty Brother – Sunrise
Wood & Wire – Pigs
Monte Warden and the Dangerous Few – Spring into Summer
Laura Mustard – Eager
Caleb Lovely – With Him Tonight
Kira Annalise – What I Do Best
Jarrod Dickenson – California
Sam Robbins – What Being in Love Is
Katherine Abbott – Wayward
Bronte Fall – Six Years
Ryan Jordan – Apparitions
DaChri – Just Love You
Richard String – Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Pt. 2
Trade Secrets – Burning Daylight
Nate Rose – Cognac
Notelle – Bugs
Mary Kutter – Panama

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