The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, July 16

Notelle is back, bringing us another heavy new single from the shadows.

The Nashville dark pop artist released “Bugs” on June 26. The swarming new single features the singer’s sultry alto over a brooding soundscape marked by its gritty, distorted bass textures.

“I wrote ‘Bugs’ during a break up where it felt like that person was still in my body in some capacity. The impact of someone else’s choices left literal and metaphorical residue on me, and I felt dirty,” Notelle said of the new single. “I kept imagining it as a bad hallucination — like bugs. Was this person capable of hurting me more? Was the worst of it over? Or, was another bomb going to be dropped on me, when I felt like I was out of the woods? I wanted this song to embody that level of paranoia, you know? When you check behind doors or shower curtains when you’re alone in your house, or when you can’t tell if the noises in you hear in the silence are in your head or are real. That’s a bizarre place to be, and ultimately, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t out of my mind. In fact, they were.”

Through July and most of August, Notelle will be donating all streaming revenue from “Bugs” to support the Black Lives Matter and Police Defund movements. You can check it out for yourself as today’s Daily Spinn!

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