The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, July 22

Need something to feel good about this week?

If you like country, we have just what the doctor ordered! Missouri native Jared Hicks — whose Carharrt Coat kept us all warm this past winter — is back with a hot new single titled “Feeling Good.” Co-written with producer Oran Thornton, the new tune exists to take us away from our current troubles — whatever they may be.

“This has been a rough year, and although I love a good emotional ballad that solves all the problems of the world… this is not that song,” Hicks said on his Facebook page. “This song was fun to write, fun to sing, fun to play, and fun to listen to!”

With that, tune out from all of the world’s noise for a few moments, and tune into “Feeling Good” as our Daily Spinn!

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