“Walk Away” by The Tisburys is a Sprint in a New Direction

Philadelphia indie rock unit The Tisburys are back with their newest single, “Walk Away.”

To put it simply: this record rocks.

Right from the jump, the band puts a brick on the accelerator, and doesn’t let up until the fuel runs out. With the opening riff popping up frequently in soundchecks, the band decided to elaborate, and create a piece of work that would surely make both Joe Walsh and Jack White proud.

It’s an exciting time for this band. With their previous work leaning a little on the brighter, softer side, “Walk Away” is a clear departure, adopting thick distorted guitars, intensely crunchy vocals, and drums that will make you move in ways you haven’t for years.

The Tisburys are constantly outdoing themselves, and we here at UMC are always here for it. Stream “Walk Away” below!

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