WATCH: Greg in Good Company’s ‘Open Mic’ a Ballad for Dreamers

Laugh all you want, but point at yourself.
They’re out here living, while you’re by yourself,
Dreamin’ of things, you’ll never do.
You’re too scared to fail, so you’re too scared to move.

-Greg in Good Company, “Open Mic.”

Behind every musician at every neighborhood open mic, there is a dream and a message.

With that, we check in with Greg in Good Company, who captures the spirit of the starter gig for up-and-comers everywhere on the new single, “Open Mic.” The swaying rock and roll ballad — and its collaborative, socially-distanced music video — tell the tales of the everyday people who lean on each other, as they overcome their fears and find their voices through the songs that they play.

“Open Mic” is a beautiful moment; one which represents the innocence and essence of making music for the sake of expression. Enjoy it below!

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