LISTEN: Ski Team’s Soulful Neo-Americana Vibe, ‘Don’t Give Up (Yet)’

When discussing her songwriting inspiration, Ski Team singer-songwriter Lucie Lozinski finds magic in the mundane — particularly, when the mundane leads us to stagnation.

“I write about my relationships with people and places. My songs usually come from being stuck somewhere—in a rut with a friend, with a boyfriend repeating the same fights, in a city that all my friends have left,” Lozinski said. “I always feel caught between being too young to do something and too old to start, and my music reflects that cycle of yearning that people feel in all parts of life: when to quit a job, when to move, when to get married, when to give up?”

The latest single from the New Jersey native, “Don’t Give Up (Yet),” touches on the relationship aspect of that equation. Lozinski sings of a stubborn hope that she and her love can move toward happily ever after — despite distance, arguments, and a general sense of growing apart.

Sonically, “Don’t Give Up (Yet)” carries a neo-Americana vibe that is rife with soul, while coated with a lo-fi indie rock edge. That sense of grit explodes in the second chorus, thanks to the commanding presence some beautifully distorted guitars whose wails seem to plead toward conflict resolution.

We invite you to use “Don’t Give Up (Yet)” as your anthem, as you dig in and power through whatever is making you feel “stuck.” Enjoy it below!

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