‘A Stone Will Sink’ by Market Junction Reminds Us of the Inevitable

With the release of their new album, Burning Bridges, less than a week away, Market Junction has shared one last single with us, titled “A Stone Will Sink.”

Offering a somewhat grim take on romance, frontman Matt Parrish states, “If a heart has loved, it has been broken” — This sentiment will perhaps ring familiar for many; the inevitable cycle of love and heartbreak, which fools us time and time again, yet never seems to lose its allure.

This beautiful song is delivered in Market Junction’s classic laid back, easygoing fashion. Like always, the vocals and lyrics shine clear and true, leaving you unable and unwilling to stop until the story is over.

Their brand new full album Burning Bridges will be available this Friday. Stream “A Stone Will Sink” by Market Junction below!

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