WATCH: J.Antonette’s ‘Drunk on Me’ Video Represents the Turmoil of Toxic Love

Sometimes, love becomes so intense, yet so toxic, that the internal struggle of “Should I stay or should I go?” can become deep and harrowing in nature.

We touched on that briefly back in January, when J.Antonette released her dark, edgy single, “Drunk on Me.” Now, the Nashville-based country artist has released a video for the single, which places this sense of inner turmoil in an entirely different light.

Directed by Logen Christopher of Stormlight Pictures, “Drunk on Me” presents J.Antonette in the most vulnerable light yet. The dark-hued, profound video depicts her in a bathtub, left alone with nothing but a glass of wine, some cigarettes, and a swirl of conflicting emotions about a lover who cannot seem to get out of his own way.

“‘Drunk On Me’ is about being addicted to a toxic love who you just can’t seem to let go of. You are addicted to the person, who is addicted to something else, but you love them anyway,” said the singer, who has performed alongside the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Michael Bolton, and Gary Douglas. “Some have thought it was a breakup song, but it’s not. ‘Drunk On Me’ is about loving someone through their very worst — even to points where it’s ultimately unhealthy to you.

“It’s about that inner struggle some of us face. Do we stay? Do we leave? We see the good and there is so much love… but is it enough?”

While the video was a gigantic step outside of her comfort zone, J.Antonette took the opportunity to hold nothing back, delivering an authenticity that is in step with that of the single.

“I stripped down in a bathtub because I wanted to get as real as the song is. I don’t smoke, yet sometimes when we are in turmoil, we do things we wouldn’t normally do to calm our nerves and make sense of things,” she said. “It’s risky, gritty, and honest, which is why I love it so much. I didn’t want to do a glam video, I wanted to keep it real. Our world needs more of that.”

It’s time to get real. Watch “Drunk on Me” below!

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