PREMIERE: Clover Jamez Pleads for Racial Equality on ‘At Ease (Black Lieutenant)’

With 2020 representing a multi-faceted, major societal shift in America, Clover Jamez is calling for balance and respect between races.

The hip hop artist delivers his message via “At Ease (Black Lieutenant),” a new single premiering today that is inspired by his uncle, Wayne Adams, who was a U.S. Army lieutenant and worked at the Pentagon before passing away due to complications from COVID-19 earlier this year.

“With COVID, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, among other events, we all feel the world shifting,” he said. “I chose to focus on the race issue and express the need for balance. So, I decided to highlight how black people fought for American rights, too, and deserve the same respect and treatment as white people.”

Repeated throughout the single, the phrase “At Ease” is intended to illustrate that respect parallel to that received by a military lieutenant when they enter a room.

“I never served, but I know that (lieutenant) title — no matter black or white — commands respect in the military,” he noted.

The song’s title also reflects the artist’s hopes for a harmonious society.

“When I say ‘At Ease’ in this song, I also mean it literally, because I dream of easiness and balance between race in this country,” he said. “We are long overdue.”

Get the message and stream “At Ease (Black Lieutenant)” below!

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