Is Fame and Fortune Ever Really Enough?

Imagine having all of the success in the world. You have so much money, that you’ll never be able to spend it all. Your fame has made you a household name, and to those on the outside, you appear to be free of burdens…

…but on the inside, the cost has been unimaginable.

That’s the topic of Kate Puckett’s latest, titled “But R U Happy?” The emotionally-charged, revealing new single tells the tale of someone who — despite untold material success — is broken on the inside, left without an identity or the people they hold dear.

“This is a very transparent song for me,” Puckett explained. “I have felt myself compromising relationships and my identity in order to ‘make it’ or be viewed as successful. If I make those sacrifices, is getting what I want even worth it?”

“But R U Happy?” sees Puckett venturing into a new role: the single is her first self-produced, self-mixed project. For her efforts, she has created a captivating blend of atmospheric pop, with soul and R&B elements. This swirling soundscape supports dynamic and robust vocal layers, audibly illustrating the unbridled inner torment of a soul sold for fame.

In the end, it all points to a job well done by one of Nashville’s truly exciting talents. Get a taste of “But R U Happy?” below!

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