PREMIERE: Andrew C. Marshall’s ‘Cool Cat’ Weighs Perception Against Reality

Back in March, right after the world had locked down and we started putting on virtual live performances, we were joined by the charismatic and engaging Andrew C. Marshall for our March Underground Writers Round, presented in conjunction with AGD Entertainment.

We’re excited that Andrew has re-emerged to bring us “Cool Cat,” the first single from his debut album, Terrestrial Radio.

A funky pop rock single with rootsy guitar riffs and an infectious melody, “Cool Cat” explores the contrast between outside perception and how we see ourselves. The tune’s confident swagger accompanies an important message: each of us has greatness lurking beneath the surface, and the only things stopping us from manifesting our visions are our own hesitations.

“(‘Cool Cat’ is) a chance to speak honestly,” Marshall said. “I think humanity can relate with the need to just say what one is thinking, and when speaking something into the light, you realize that a lie has been growing in the darkness, which is silence.”

The full Terrestrial Radio album drops on October 30, but “Cool Cat” will hit streaming platforms this Friday, August 14.

Of course, we’re not even going to make you wait that long. Be the first to hear the single below!

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