PREMIERE: Meet Ali Aslam with ‘Wise Man and The Fool’

This fall, New York-based troubadour Ali Aslam will release his debut “supersonic folk” album, The Last American. Aslam’s sound — a unique combination of familiar folk, rock, and pop elements — serves as a backdrop for exploration of “questions of identity, belonging, and perspective — not just as independent concepts, but as interrelated factors that inform our relationships to culture, each other, and ourselves.”

“Anyone with a background as hyphenated as mine — Muslim-American, Pakistani-American — will try and take ownership of that mythology, but also be fundamentally aware that our relationship to those things is qualified, somehow ‘other.’ It applies to my relationship with myself, as well,” said Aslam. “I can love all of these things about myself, and still feel, or be made to feel, like I don’t have a right to. I think, with this record, I’m asking if everybody feels this way.”

With that, we introduce you to “Wise Man and The Fool,” the first single from the forthcoming record. Featuring the backing vocals of fellow New York musician Niall Connolly, the single borrows rhythmic shades of U2 — a major influence for Aslam. Lyrically, the tune urges us all to look within ourselves and own our truths, implying that the titular “Wise Man” is one who recognizes his own scars, and looks to them for signs of personal growth.

We’re excited to premiere this one, and to bring you more tastes of The Last American as the full release draws near. For now, be the first to hear “Wise Man and The Fool” below, and pre-save the single on your streaming platform of choice!

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