The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, August 14

The title track of Laura Mustard‘s forthcoming Treehouse EP is a fun, escapist Americana tune for lovers of all ages!

“Treehouse” was indeed the song that kicked off the whole project for the Nashville-based songwriter. The tune stemmed from a co-write with Mustard’s friend Laura Hurliman, when Mustard suggested the title and the pair decided to run with the idea.

“It’s such an important song for me as a writer, since this song took about seven months and several revisions before it ended up in its final form,” Mustard said. “The ‘treehouse’ imagery that I had in my head for videos and album art just spoke to the childlike and mischievous part of my personality so well, that I wanted to make the song the best that it could be.”

As for the music video, it follows a boy and a girl through different stages of their lives together, all the way to old age. No matter how long it has been, or what the rigors of life have had in store, the pair returns to the same treehouse where, just for a while, they can escape and connect as they did in their formative years.

Get lost in this one! Enjoy “Treehouse” as today’s Daily Spinn, and make sure you spend some time outdoors this weekend!

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