From His Bedroom, Guitarist Andrew LaVogue Delivers Instrumental Excellence

From his bedroom on the New England coast, instrumental artist Andrew LaVogue has delivered two insightful tunes.

During these dark times, “Oh, Sunny Day!” serves as both a reminder and haven of hope. The deep rumbling “Om” of the droning guitar creates a world free from worry; a sunny summer day spent staring up at the clouds. The fingerpicking in this track is delicate and mesmerizing, and is seemingly lifted up by the huge chordal waves flowing underneath. Though the song is a little over four minutes in length, I find myself wishing for it to stay a bit longer.

On the other side of the spectrum, “Footfalls Echo” is an intense and chaotic return to reality. When asked about the inspiration, LaVogue cites his “erratic, loud head.” This record weaves through a plethora of emotions, all culminating in mass chaos. Even so, there’s a sort of underlying beauty to it, and it’s a track where LaVogue’s cleverness with the electric guitar really shines. “Footfalls Echo” is a departure from “traditional” finger-style guitar in all the best ways.

Take a journey with Andrew LaVogue’s latest below!

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